Focus and scope

European Journal of Life Safety and Stability   aims to investigate and promote major issues of the life safety and stability. Journal focuses on acceleration of the discovery of the wide application features of scientific and technological innovations, the consequence of which should be greater prosperity for the people of contemporary world.

European Journal of Life Safety and Stability  covers a wide range of technology-related fields, including is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal, which aims to provide a forum for the publication of papers on the most recent developments in the theoretical and practical aspects of following fields, including but not limited to, information security, cyber security, machine learning, emerging technologies, and their applications, biotechnology, non-conventional energy research, materials science and technology, marine sciences, meteorology and geophysics, food science and technology, microelectronics and information technology, space applications, science and technology policy, and infrastructure and resources development, within the specific context of stabile life standards.

Original research, science and technology policy discussions, technical notes, and communications are accepted.